Elias Mikhalides



Much like a man whispering in the ears of horses, Elias has always been able to understand and communicate easily with horses. This involves a true emotional connection and understanding of horses' needs and behaviors. On a daily basis, this allows them to be trained and treated more effectively.

Collaboration ​

His own approach allows Elias to resolve veterinary and behavioral problems. Capitalizing on his experiences with veterinarians, Elias has the ability to detect the slightest problem that may arise.


By observing the horse's body language and social interactions, Elias is able to develop techniques to help modify undesirable behaviors. The objective is to ensure the well-being of the horse, and the rider, while helping him in his progress as a racehorse.

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De nouvelles techniques quotidiennes

In this daily quest for new techniques to improve the well-being of the racehorse, Elias collaborates with a behaviorist (Clémence Vandel).
Together they establish a deep and harmonious relationship based on trust, mutual understanding and subtle communication. The result is the interpretation of the horse's emotional and physical signals, a response to its needs and the provision of clear direction.
A successful connection requires patience, empathy and respect for the animal. Thanks to this approach, Elias is in total connection with horses.

The center

The Calas training center is today one of the most important in France. Located north of Marseille, it offers optimal training conditions for both horse owners and trainers.